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Suddenly nothing.
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Aug 23 '14

Happily nipping away at the sweet delicacy, Jonathan did not notice the lone, slender figure watching him curiously from a window. Dio Brando had never seen nor tasted the likes of candy floss. He was jealous.

Please go read my friend amaterahelios cool short fic , its basically the prompt for this.

Aug 20 '14

Sketchbump no 2

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Aug 20 '14

Sketchbook dump no 1, I’m on my phone next to my sketchbook so I thought ,yeah why not,let’s post a few more sketches to this blog since it clearly didn’t have enough.

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Aug 15 '14

sketch DUMP and 2 genderbents

Aug 3 '14

if you say so

Aug 3 '14

lame ass doodles

Aug 2 '14

I don’t want to explain myself

Aug 2 '14

jojo sketchdump

Jul 13 '14

Here is a collection of nonsensical mspaint doodles of all 3

Jul 10 '14

Send me a ✍ and a character and I’ll draw the character horribly on MS Paint.

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